Step-by-step Guide to Credit Call


So you installed Credit Call on your phone, but now you are asking yourself what next? How do I set everything up? 


You know by now that Credit Call is the application to go to for cheap international calls, which are easy to make and works quickly. This guide will answer all your questions on how to use the app, starting from the point of downloading the Credit Call application, up to calling someone. If you still have questions after this, please go to our Contact page, and send us an email/give us a call. We will be happy to help!





Step 1. Download the application

Go on Google Play or your App Store and search for Credit Call. Go to the application and select download and install.

For more information on the application, please refer to the FAQ and Terms&Conditions.



Step 2. Start the registration process

Open the application on your smartphone, enter your phone number and wait for the SMS with your activation code. The code will automatically be recognized by the application. Continue the registration process by entering your email and selecting your desired currency. Make sure the email is correct, as we often send discounts and information about your account on it.








Step 3. Topping up your credit balance

After successfully completing the registration process, in the Credit Call application, select the "Top Up" tab and click on "Buy Credit". You will now have the option to select your desire payment method, and your preferred  currency. 

Note: The payment methods differ by country. Go to our website at for more payment methods, easily accessible through the "Top Up" Page.



Step 4. Using Credit Call for calling

After successfully topping up your account with credit, you are now one step closer to calling!

Go on the Keypad or Contact tab in the Credit Call application, and type in or select the phone number you wish to call. A list of frequently contacted people will be available in the Contact tab, so we make sure you have easy access to your favorite people.

After selecting/typing in the number, the number will show up at the top of the appplication, and alongside will be the rate cost for calling per minute.

Here at Credit Call we treasure transperancy, and thus the rates will always be available and visible to you! Select the blue calling icon and call the person. The application will attempt to call back you, and you should answer this call, in order to connect to the person you are trying to contact.





Happy Calling!