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Main questions

What is Credit Call

Credit Call is an app for both iPhone and Android. With CreditCall app you can make cheap international calls to fixed or mobile phones anywhere in the world. Ridiculously low rates starting at 0,02 euro cents per minute. At least 80% cheaper than your cell provider and 60% cheaper than Skype. Start calling and save money, profit from the high quality network and the easy access to all you contacts. Get easily in touch with your friends, family and your international business partners.

Why do I need to enter my phone number when first starting the app

This is so we can verify that the entered phone number matches with the one on your SIM. Other than that, your phone number will not be used in any way.

What are the main advantages of using CreditCall

  • Clear and very cheap international calling rates
  • High quality that beats VoiP on every level for calling abroad
  • No second simcard needed like with Lebara and Lycamobile
  • Easy access to all your contacts
  • Very easy download and install and start. Call long distance within 1 minute

What is the difference with a regular phone call

Nothing! The only thing different is the carrier that is used. Instead of using your own carrier, Credit Call is used to make the phone call. This is for example economical for foreign calls or when you’re out of credit.

How does CreditCall differ from VoIP programs, such as skype

CreditCall works just like a normal phone call. As opposed to VoIP apps, CreditCall does not use data for phone calls (except for 1Kb to set up the connection). This results in excellent call quality. On top of that, others don’t need the app in order for you to be able to reach them.


Why do the rates sometimes change?

The cheap international rates are changed every month, based on wholesale prices. These rates are automatically adjusted on the website and on your phone, so there are no surprises!

Where can I see the rate of the destination I'm calling to?

You can check our full list of international calling rates on the rates pages. Or you can use our rates calculator to see the exact amount you will pay per minute to the number you want to call.

Billing & Payments

Is the start fee the same for every destination?

Yes, the starting fee will be the same for every destination.

How much does CreditCall charge for phone calls?

CreditCall has variable cheap rates for international calls, which are shown when you enter a telephone number. There is a rate calculator and a full rate list on the home page as well.

Where can I recharge my credit?

You can topup via the "Buy Credits" menu button.iPhone users can recharge their credit using the 'More' tab and then press "Buy Credits" button. Android users can also recharge their credit in-app under the 'TOPUP' tab.

How much is the starting fee for my call?

The starting for long distance international calls amounts 5 cents. The starting fee for national calls whitin the EU is also 5 cents

Techical issues

Can I use CreditCall when I’m in a foreign country?

Yes. However, your carrier will probably charge you for setting up a connection (1 Kb, unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi) and for a received call in a foreign country. For more information, consult your carriers rates

Is it possible to reach people in foreign countries?

That's why we are here. With Credit call you can reach foreign mobile and fixed numbers all over the world. These cheap international rates are

What do I do when my phone number has changed?

In order to enter a new number in the Android version of the app, you must first erase the data. This is done via: Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Credit Call -> Clear data. Restart the app and you’ll be able to change your number. For iPhones, start the app and follow these steps: Top Up -> Settings -> New Number. Restart the app to enter a new number.

Do others need to have CreditCall installed on their phones in order for me to reach them?

Others do not need to install the CreditCall app in order to reach them. Long distance phone calls via Credit Call are basically the same as ordinary phone calls.

Is it possible to send text messages with CreditCall?

For now, text messaging with CreditCall is only possible for Andriod phones.

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